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released September 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Maps Need Reading Knoxville, Tennessee

Do your feet wanna tap? Does your soul need feeding? Is your inner voice telling you that your maps need reading?

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Track Name: Layers
Blasting off into the unknown
Spiraling outward beyond the ozone
Layers of dust and particles collide
Clouding our vision and changing the tide

Reality is never any less or any more
Waters endlessly wash upon the shore
Undercurrents roar, dragging the driftwood below
A branch had broken, disrupting the flow

Things can change in the blink of an eye
Only to realize there's no where left to hide
Your worst nightmare appears in its best disguise
Only time will illuminate the lie

Daybreak anew
Breathe in, relax
The storm has passed
Look to the horizon
Juncture of the ocean and sky
Blue eyes see clearly now
Track Name: Black Hole Face
wanting just to go ahead
how to take the things you said
Can't find the time, can't find the place
I see a hole in a pretty face
learn to live or to be dead

underneath this fragile frame
You're free
humbled by this cosmic gaze
Count the seconds left to go, slowly loosing all control
but always asking if I'm sane

Oh I go down... (down)
Why was I so blind to see
Perhaps the lost one here is me

new resolve within my view
You're me
just as I am inside you
My empty body takes it place,
I see a gleam shine through your face
but left to wonder what to do
Track Name: Sidewalks
Let's take a stroll on the sidewalks
Our fathers drew on with their chalks
Before they picked up pens
Will our past be our future men?
Will our past be our future?

Fall comes like cracks on the sidewalks
While I look back on our long talks
Cause I've forgotten when
When I jumped into this old skin
When I jumped into this hole

When did old proven facts
Start holding me back?
I want these old proven facts
To leave and let me be

These cracks on the ground
They grow with sound
And they keep holding me
From where I need to get to
But is that you?

It's an old proven fact
That make our bones crack
But it's an unproven fact
That I'll give up, give up, give up to you

I walk alone on the sidewalks
And hear echoes of long talks
Between you and me
And your voice flies through the trees

Did you know you were a songbird?
Track Name: Iceberg Spotting
There's a song on the water
Just float on by
Sit alone by the rock shore
I would wait all night

Passing through, oh the flow
But how deep will you go
To play your game?
There's a beat at the base
A broken hope - must embrace
Have you no shame?

"I promise if you sit on top
I'll keep you safe,
We will not stop"
Washed away
By the force of the sea
Washed away
By the love that brought you to me
Then I'm alone
On my stone

(Go Home...Go Home...Go Home...Go Home...)
I saw your face today
I hope it's not too late
"You're too late my friend"
Never get a chance to see her again
This rock is blue
Cold like the song
That brought me to you

There's a song on the water
Just float on by
Track Name: Secrets
You are love's sweetest shadow
And you show me where to go
So bright is your presence
So strong is your glow
Oh please don't go
I need you so

Everyday I see your face
I know that I can't replace you
And everytime you run away
I hear the words I wish that would stay true
Oh please don't go
I love you so

You are love's finest flower
And you showed me how to grow
Oh please don't go
I'll miss you so
Track Name: Altar Ego
On a Thursday night
We're caught in a haze
Mind may be lucid
But body ablaze

Look at us
Oh, what a laugh
To try for the whole thing
But only get half

To err is human
But we used to be divine
I'm beginning to thinking
This was all by design

Keep me vigil
While they click their tongues
Sin sings out
While our song goes unsung

The belly of the beast
Will show me the way
Find my center
Then on to Saturday

Let your altar grow
From those seeds you'd sown
Then one day I knew
What I didn't mind to know
(Biding your time -- let go of me!)

Failing grip is bliss
Something has been missed
Someone left behind
You could not stop this
(Something new you found
Deep in your queue -- let go of me!)

If ever to be saved
Tear from that old page
The familiar feel
From the book I gave!
(You're so blind while you are
Bidding your time so far
Lost in your rhyme when you
Let go of me!)